This site is something of an experiment at this stage. Its future development and content really depends on how much interest it gets.

The idea is to provide an interactive community website for anyone living or working in Earley, or perhaps just visiting.

The site is generated using WordPress software, which is reputed to be the world’s most popular blogging system so some people may already be familar with it.  Various WordPress extensions are used in order to create a complete site.

Membership registration is free and there is absolutely no intention to make any charge for use of the site. There are significant costs in running it, both direct hosting fees and in support time. To pay for this I am planning to include a certain amount of paid advertising.  Local businesses and services will be given priority and special encouragement.

If you feel that the site is providing a useful function, then please consider making a donation using the PayPal button. Just a very small donation is valuable – think of it as similar to the “buy me a beer” buttons used on some sites, but any funds will most likely go straight towards paying costs.

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