Self-registration for this website has been disabled.

This is due to the HUGE number of attempted registrations by spammer users. The webmaster no longer has the time to administer the approval system for new registrations.

If you would like to register as a user so that you can comment on posts and so on, please use the website Contact form to email the webmaster with the following details:

  • User name for the Blog/Forum login
  • Your actual name
  • Your email address (can be different from the one used to contact, but must valid and reachable)
  • A brief note about why you are interested in registering for this Blog/Forum. This would normally be simply because you live is Earley, so perhaps you could indicate roughly where you are. Or you may have some other interest in the area.

We are happy to manually register genuine users. There may be some delay – please be patient!

All emails addressed to us pass through spam filters. Any requests that appear dubious may be discarded.

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